Privacy Policy


Tebbutt Research maintains a database of individuals who have agreed to be contacted from time to time to participate in research.


If you give explicit consent to be a part of our panel, we may keep both personally identifying and sensitive data about you for as long as you agree to be a part of the panel.

Whenever we contact you as a part of our panel, we will inform you that we are contacting you because you previously agreed to be contacted. Participation in the panel is voluntary and you can withdraw your consent at any time.

On any contact occasion you can agree or decline to be interviewed, agree or decline to remain on the panel, or request a change in the contact frequency.

Within fourteen (14) days of agreeing to be on the panel, we will attempt to recontact you to verify your consent. If we are unable to recontact you or you withdraw your consent, we will remove all PII from our database.


The primary information we retain in the panel database is:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number and/or email address
  • Your gender
  • Your age (kept as year of birth, or a range of years)
  • Your geographic region (country, province/district, and town/city)

We request this information in order to contact people for research purposes who meet the research criteria. You agree to provide this data in order to be a part of our panel. If you withdraw consent for us to retain any part of this data, we will completely remove all your PII from our database and you will no longer be on the panel.

In addition to the primary contact and demographic information listed above, we may also ask your permission to retain other PII or sensitive data about you, which could include: your work status, occupation, education, religion, and information about the household you live in (excluding data that could identify another individual in your household).


We will maintain your data for as long as you agree to be a part of the panel.

If you withdraw consent, we will remove your data from the database within 28 days, and we will not call you or email you for any other panel research project during that time.

If we do not contact you for a research project within 3 years of your consent, we will remove your data from the database without notice.

Every time we use your data to contact you, we will explicitly ask for your consent to remain on the panel.


We do not provide PII from our panel to any third parties. Any research data collected during surveys with panel members will be deidentified prior to transfer.


If you wish to view your data, remove your data, amend your data, or restrict the processing of your data, please contact our Data Protection Officer below. We aim to action data requests within five (5) local working days when you contact us directly, and within 28 days if you withdraw consent when we contact you to take part in a survey.